How to avoid pregnancy – Natural, barrier and hormonal methods.

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This article is about best ways to avoid pregnancy. We will talk about natural ways to avoid pregnancy and barrier methods to avoid pregnancy.

Every one want to enjoy their sexual life, but due to fear of pregnancy they do not be able enjoy properly, but after reading this article you surely get to know many much more things about sexual methods they can help you further in future to get good sex life.

There are number of methods available in market and also there are many home redemies to avoid pregnancy

So first we start with Natural ways to avoid pregnancy

Natural ways to avoid pregnancy

By tracking menstrual cycle

The best natural way to avoid pregnancy is Tracking the menstrual cycle and avoid sex when you are fertile.

An average indivisual is fertile for about 10 days or less in a month, which is between 8 to 18 day after her periods, a study says that an indivisual is most fertile in his 14th day after periods.

Avoid sex in those days-how to avoid pregnancy
Avoid pregnancy

Method to verify ovulation is to check your body tempeture, when egg releases there is slight increase in body tempeture.

So if you want to have safe sex then avoid sex during those ten days of fertility, best time for safe sex is after and before her periods.

Home Remedies To Avoid Pregnancy

Other natural method is to avoid pregnancy is sone of the natural Home Remedies, those are normally fruits and other natural things which we use in our daily life.

Are they really effective ? How do they work ?

The answer for thosr questions are, Yes they are effective but not as pills they are effective only when you use them for a long time before and after.

They works by decreasing the chances of pregnancy, after taking those, they decrease the chances of pregnancy by hormonal changes in body, in simple words they act like sperm killers or they decrease the level of hormones which are responsible for pregnancy.

Some of the natural things which are very effective are :-

  • Asafoetida (Hing)
  • Cinnamon (Dalcheeni
  • Ginger (Adrakh)
  • Papaya (Papita)
  • Dried Fig (Anjeer)
  • Vitamin C
  • Neem

Those are some things which you can use for avoiding pregnancy, you can read in detail that how to use those things.

Withdrawal method

This is the most common and most risky method for a couple to avoid pregnancy.

In withdrawal method, when male is going to ejuculate he put his penis out of vagina. By this sperms not go inside.

This is most risky because if there is any small amount of sperm left in penis or vagina then the chances of pregnancy are still there.

Barrier methods to avoid pregnancy

Now let’s talk about some of the barrier methods to avoid pregnancy.

Barrier methods are the methods which are used to prevent sperm from reaching the egg.


The most common barrier mehod used is condoms, used worldwide, it is easily available and it is easy to use.

A Condoms are not only use to prevent pregnancy, they are also used to prevent STD’s (Sexual transmited diseases)

The Condoms are of two types:-

1.Male condoms

Male condom - How to Avoid pregnancy
Male condom

The Male condoms are Used by puting it on penis of male, it act as barrier for sperm to reach vagina.

They are 80% effective, there is less chances of getting pregnent after the use of condoms.

Benefits of male condoms are:-

  • Less costly
  • Easily available
  • Easy to use
  • Protect from STDs
  • More effictive

Female condoms

There is not only condoms for male, there is also condoms for females.

Female condom - How to Avoid pregnancy
Female condom

They are also easily available in market and easy to use.

Female condoms are used by inserting it inside female vagina.

NOTE : Male and Female condoms should not be use at same time.

A Diaphragm

A Diaphragm is one of the barrier method, It is 80-90% effective.

diaphragm - How to Avoid pregnancy

It is placed on the cervix inside vagina, it placed atleast one hour before sex and take out after around six hours

Cervical cap

Other barrier method to avoid pregnancy is cervical cap, it is very effective.

Cervical cap - How to Avoid pregnancy
Cervical cap

It is uesd by inserting it in vagina over cervix, they do not allow sperm to enter in uterus and protect from getting pregnent.

They can be inserted by doctors or nurses on vagina, but by practics one can also learn how to insert it in.

They do not protect ones from STDs

Hormonal methods

Hormonal methods are the birth control methods, which is used for hormonal changes in body and prevent ovulation (release of egg) from ovaries.

They are available in market but one cannot use them without prescription of doctor or an expert, because their side-effects can cause serious damage.


The Pills are the birth control hormonal tablets which are used to avoid unwanted pregnancy, they are most effective birth control method. Pills are around 98% effective.

There are many pills available in market with differnt brand names, some pills are prescripted by doctors and some are not.

There are differnt types of pills for differnt uses. Some kind of pills should be taken on daily basic and some are emergency pills to take just after sex.

Pills generally work as hormonal (estrogen and progestin) changer, which prevent egg to release.

Copper T ( UDI )

The copper intrauterine device (IUD) is a small T-shaped plastic and copper device.

The copper IUD constantly releases a small amount of copper into the uterus (womb).

Copper T works as it do not allow sperm and egg to meet. kills sperm or say it make them Immotile

inserted by doctors or by experts inside vagina.

It is 99% effective.

Symptoms of pregnancy

If you feel those symptoms then please go for checkup or use pregnancy kit.

  • Fatigue
  • increased urination
  • missed or late period
  • enlarged or tender breasts
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • Fever

Note – If you had sex and feek like you are pregnent then get a pregnancy kit and check it immediatly. Don’t be late because after that it gets too late.

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